WEDNESDAY NIGHTS: 5:30pm gym opens; 6-7pm class Mission Friends: 4K-5K led by Brenna and Guy Bulliner Children in Action: 1st-4th led by Bart and Lindsey Allen, Amy and Jeremy Isome, Emmy Jarjoura, Becky Waller, Mary Tindle Bridge: 5th-6th led by Mark Howell and Jennifer Bouchillon
Sunday Night Discipleship:  5:00 – 5:45 pm in the Upstairs Children’s Hall. 
Need:  Adults to lead/assist either group of children


Upward Basketball and Cheer

5K-4th Grade Boys and Girls

Registration begins October 7

Evaluation nights:

November 5—5K-2nd boys and girls 5:30-7pm

November 7—3rd-4th boys and girls 5:30-7pm

Evaluations take 10-20 minutes; basketball players should wear tennis shoes
Thank you for giving to HOPE Ministries.  Second Baptist joined us in the collection and sorting. We collected 35 boxes of food items.