Education Ministry

From preschool to senior adults, you will find a Bible Fellowship group that is just right for you and every member of your family. Each group takes the timeless truth of God's Word and brings it to life - your life - for today. You will also meet wonderful friends for life, people with common needs, people who will encourage you, rejoice with you and pray with you.

For more information on any of the classes listed below, please stop by the Welcome Desk in our Welcome Center.

sunday school

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adult class options & locations:
College A303 College Students Kristina Bozeman
Next Steps A301 Young Adults Briley & Allison Tomlinson
"Soul"diers for Christ A304 Middle Adults David & Rita Dowdle
Masterworks B205 Middle Adult Couples Parke & Betsy Pepper
Becoming A307 All Adults Allen & Kristen Winstead
Discovery Class FLC Lounge Young-Middle Adults Jerry & Linda Brewer
Brownlee Class A305 Upper Middle Adult Couples Larry Bannister
Powell Class A306 Upper Middle Adults Sanford Powell
Joy Class B201 Adult Women Brenda Stepp
Ambrosia B203 Upper Middle Adults Larry Moore
Faith Class B207 Adult Women Geraldine Laughlin
Praise A201 Adult Women Genie Lantrip
Harvesters A202 Adult Men David Lunceford
Grace Class

Conf. Room

2nd Floor

Senior Adult Women Maxine Barr
Martin Class A200 Senior Adult Men Riley Brooks
Hope Class Chapel Senior Adult Couples James Spencer
Dorcas/Homemakers A101 Senior Adult Women Harriet Land
Cinnamond Class A100 Senior Adult Men Jim Sharp