Music Notes

Okay, I know I’m the music guy and some of you may not enjoy singing as much as I do but someone shared an article written by a Pastor (not a music guy) and I thought it was excellent. 

Seven Biblical Reasons Why Singing Matters by Tom Olson.

  1. “When you sing, you obey.”  Over 50 verses commanding us to sing. 
  2. “When you sing, you dig deep roots in the Word.”  Last week, we sang “In Christ Alone” a new song full of deep truths of Christ found in God’s Word.  “And on the cross as Jesus died, the wrath of God was satisfied,” is a beautiful understanding that Jesus took the wrath of God that was earned by our sins upon Himself.  That was something we could never do.  And in doing so Christ reconciled us to God!  That is worth singing!
  3. “When you sing, you build up others.”  I once had a senior lady in my last church tell me that she would love young people enough to sing newer songs and then she found she learned to love those songs.  Singing together builds body life!
  4. “When you sing, you make war.”  Singing is one way (along with reading God’s Word, prayer, memorizing and quoting scripture) that we keep our hearts from sin and we make war with our enemy, Satan.
  5. “When you sing, you are spiritually strengthened for trial.”  Paul and Silas are beaten and thrown into prison and choose to sing praises.  I wonder if they were singing to focus on God in the midst of trials.
  6. “When you sing, you walk a God-designed pathway to joy.”
  7. “When you sing, you glorify God.”


I hope you will make the choice to sing with reckless abandon this week.  It’s a tremendous way for us to love God and declare our love for Him!  Randy