Church, within the next couple of days, all of our students and teachers and administrators will be back in school.  And over the next couple of weeks, all of our college-aged kids and professors will be back in school as well.


Most haven’t been to school in almost 5 months, and many are worried about what this semester and year will hold.


It’s difficult looking at a short term future that holds such uncertainty.  Will the opening of schools be delayed again?  Will they shut down again in the near future?  What do sports look like this year?  Might I get the virus?  Or my kids?  And those questions go and on.


It’s a unique situation that most of us have never dealt with, and it brings with it a legitimate cause for concern.


As such, I ask each of you to pray for all involved in our local academia.  Pray for calmness, understanding, wisdom, protection and peace for our young children, teens, parents and faculties.


Pray that the chaos and fear and uncertainty would be overcome by a spirit of power and love and self-control…and that through all of this, the name of our Lord  would be exalted.


Remember that our God is not the god confusion, but of peace.  Pray for His peace for all involved.


1 John 3:1-3 this Sunday.  See you then!