Music Notes

I have been a big NBA fan (esp. Lakers) since I was a little kid.  I remember how excited I was when they drafted Magic Johnson (I am really telling my age).  I stay up late at night just to watch a game.  Ann says she can tell whether they win or lose because I am in a better mood the next morning when they win.


It’s pretty easy to tell whether you are winning or losing in a basketball game.  The scoreboard keeps track of it for us and it’s easy who is winning (although Ann thinks the last 5 minutes are all that matters, lol). 


I want us to think about what is winning or losing in life?  It’s kind of silly for me to be in a bad mood when my team loses because honestly in the scheme of life, how much does that really matter? It’s great to have goals and we all need those in our lives and I know we evaluate ourselves by goals.  So do we ever set a goal for ourselves when it comes to sharing the gospel with others?  When was the last time you shared the gospel with someone else?  We possess the greatest news anyone has ever experienced but do we share it with others?  We need to be intentional in sharing the gospel.  One way we can do that is to share the “God loves you” business cards available in the Welcome Center.  Share God’s love by blessing people in our community.  See you Sunday, Randy