Music Notes

It is such a joy and privilege to work with our choir and accompanists each week.  And week after week, their hard work and dedication shines through as they share through music.  But as I conducted this week and looked at the faces of our choir something far more important than mere pitches, rhythms, phrases and musical interpretation—it was watching them sing a message from their hearts and lives!  The message of our music is the most important and it must spring from our hearts, souls and lives.  I appreciate our choir making that commitment week in and week out!  Thank  you for the joy and privilege I receive each week!

July 15, 22, and August 5; I will be offering a basic music class at 5 pm in the choir room (it feels so good to say that again—choir room!).  The first two weeks will be basic music reading and the week in August will be rhythms and you will learn the basics which will lead you to be able to count out the most difficult rhythms.  This class is open to anyone who wishes to participate (you don’t have to be in the music program to attend).  There is no cost for these classes and no need to sign up—just show up!

As we continue to think about worship, this week I want us to think about this thought; true worship results in edification. We have discussed that worship has God the Father, Son and Spirit, His Word and the Gospel as it’s center and focus.  This is true—worship is all about God and not about us.  However, something happens to us because of our worship.  True worship will build up believers in both heart and mind until we all “attain the unity of the faith.”  It will cause us to grow in our love for God but also another.  So, are we finding love for each other or do we have a critical spirit against each other.  In God we find unity but Satan loves to grow discord and a critical heart.  Do you have a critical heart towards anyone?  Ask God to show us and grow us beyond that in our love for Him and each other!  See you Sunday, Randy