Music Notes

I so appreciate the opportunity to get away and enjoy a time of refreshing and I am so thankful that God has provided a friend and servant like Glenn Herring who is so talented and capable of leading in worship.  We enjoyed our rest and our fellowship with my brothers and their wives.  One of the highlights was going on a guided fishing trip for Striped Bass with my brothers.  I had never fished for Striped Bass before and it was such a great trip (we all caught several fish and each of us caught a bass at least 28” long — that’s about 4 feet in fisherman terms).  One of the highlights of the fishing trip was when my younger brother caught a rock!  Yes, really, he caught a rock.  There was a zebra mussel on one side of the rock and he managed to snag it and reel it in to the boat.  We definitely had a lot of fun with him about catching a rock.You don’t think about ever catching a rock.  In fact, we don’t think much about rocks at all.  Rocks just lie there.  Can’t really expect much out of a rock, can we?  Yet in Luke 19:40 Jesus tells a group of Pharisees who wanted Jesus to keep his disciples from praising him that “if they were to keep silent, the stones would cry out!”  Rocks crying out?  Seems impossible for rocks to do anything but just lie there.  But all creation sings God’s praise and I’m sure it’s not harder for God to give rocks a voice than it was for him to give a voice to a donkey or cause water to come for a rock or cause a bush to burn without consuming it.  So what gets you excited?  What do you praise?  I imagine on this day that the disciples were causing a huge scene in this passage.  Scripture says they were throwing their outer garments/robes on the road and they were shouting and singing praises to him.  So when was the last time you got that excited in praising God?  Are you more reserved in your praise of God than you are for other things?  Does the thought of God, who he is and what he is done, still excite you?  Does it bring you to praise, shouting and/or singing?  I challenge you to find a time to praise God at the top of your lungs?   Whether you do that singing or shouting but praise him at the top of your lungs!  This Sunday, you don’t have to shout or sing at the top of your lungs but I hope our praise comes from every fiber of our being, from our toes, hearts, minds, fingers, lungs, voices — let’s get caught up in praising God!  See you Sunday as we don’t give the rocks a chance! Randy