Beloved,   One of the greatest joys of being a Christian and a member of a local church body, is the opportunity to serve one another.   Jesus Himself said that He didn’t come to this earth to be served, but rather to serve…and He told His followers that the greatest among them would be the one who served.   You have an opportunity this Saturday morning to serve those in this church who are largely responsible for the general health of this local body…our senior adults.   Many of our seniors have been with this church for decades, and have navigated us through some difficult days.  And the least that we can do for them…to show our love and appreciation…is to serve them by making their vehicles look like new!   If you’re able to come and serve this Saturday morning, we can use your help as we wash and detail our senior’s cars.  We will be washing and cleaning and vacuuming and scrubbing cars from 9 until 12.  You don’t have to commit to all 3 hours.  If you can make it for some of that time, then come on.   It’s not only an opportunity to serve, it’s an opportunity to fellowship with the brethren!  I hope to see you there.   Hebrews 7 on tap for this weekend, so read up!   Love you, and I will see you Sunday…hopefully Saturday 😊.   Bro. Chris