Church, I want to encourage each of you to be here this Sunday morning for both a worship service and Sunday School.  During those times, we will be honored to have Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, from Creation Ministries International, speaking to us.  He will be teaching us biblical truths in the areas of Creation and how dinosaurs fit in the biblical history of the world…both of which are topics that are hotly debated today among scientists, atheists and Christians.

I have heard both sessions and believe that each will be of tremendous value to all ages.

Young people…How old is the earth?  Some say millions of years…some say only thousands of years.  Which is it?  What does the Bible have to say about it?

Parents…Did dinosaurs actually exist?  If so, where do they fit in the history of the world?  Do they still exist?   Are you able to answer these questions when your kids ask you?

These issues are more important than you may think, as we consider a world that’s moving away from Creation, toward alternative theories as to how the world began.  It affects much more than simple debate with those who don’t believe like us.

So make plans to join us, and invite someone else who needs to be encouraged, or who might need to see evidence that there is a Creator for everything they see.

And make sure that you’re here on time.  Dr. Sarfati will take up 50 minutes of each hour, so we need to make sure that we get started on time.

I look forward to seeing you here then.

Love you all,

Bro. Chris