Hey Church, hope all is well! I just wanted to give you a gentle reminder to make sure our guests feel welcomed when they come and visit.  Seemingly every week, we have folks visiting in 1 of our 2 services who are either first-time visitors, or still relatively new.  Let’s make sure to let them know that we appreciate them being with us.  They could have chosen to attend any number of churches in our area that day, but they chose to visit us.  And we should be honored that they did. If you see someone that you don’t know, go introduce yourself to them and welcome them to our church.  You don’t have to spend all morning with them, but a quick introduction and welcome can go a long way to making someone feel welcome. I know what a loving bunch of people you are, but they may not.  So let’s show them. One of the great benefits of the church is being around people who love you and accept you.  Let’s do our best to be that to our guests each and every Sunday. Love you  all, and I will see you Sunday! Bro. Chris